Chris Susilovich named Executive Director of HSC

ChrisChris Susilovich has been named executive director of Houston Safari Club effective March 1.

“Chris Susilovich is a tremendous asset to the organization and under his leadership, HSC will continue to prosper as one of the leading conservation organizations in the world,” said HSC President Julianne King. “He brings his four years’ experience as HSC Vice President of Marketing & Convention Affairs, 10-plus years of industry experience and expertise, and a passion and vision that is critical in helping us to achieve our stated purpose — sport hunting is wildlife conservation.”

Susilovich has dedicated his life to preserving the sporting heritage and game animals, according to HSC.

He has worked with Dallas Safari Club, Wild Sheep Foundation, Safari Club International, Texas Wildlife Association, Exotic Wildlife Association and the National Rifle Association.

Others include the Texas State Rifle Association, National Sporting Clays Association, Coastal Conservation Association, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Operation Game Thief, Quail Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

In 2009, Susilovich was instrumental in revitalizing HSC’s acclaimed publication, Hunter’s Horn. He will continue to oversee production of the periodical as publisher.

“I have a genuine and profound love for this organization, its members and most importantly its mission,” Susilovich said. “I am deeply honored to have the opportunity of ushering in a new era for Houston Safari Club.”

Susilovich said that, during the club’s 40-year history, it helped pioneer “what we now know as the modern-day safari club based conservation movement.”

He credited members, donors, exhibitors, partners and patrons for that accomplishment.

“I am confident,” he added, “that we will preserve that legacy for many years to come.”