Texas anglers contribute $3.67 billion to state economy

Texans spend a lot of time and money fishing.

A recent study by Southwick Associates conducted for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has found in 2011, more than 1.6 million adults fished in the Lone Star state, spending $2.1 billion in retail sales, generating $1.1 billion in salaries and wages and supporting more than 29,000 jobs.

The total economic multiplier effect-i.e., sportsmen frequent a bait shop that provides jobs for people who spend money elsewhere on food, gasoline, clothing, etc. — is estimated to be as high as $3.67 billion.

The report looked at the demographics of 2011’s Texas anglers: how many freshwater fished and how many fished saltwater, age, income, marital status, race and other key factors.

Of the total economic effect of $3.67 billion, $1.67 billion was generated by freshwater angling, while saltwater angling accounted for $1.97 billion.