Texas Fishing Report: Bull reds galore

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout of Seadrift believes fall starts when the big bull redfish start passing through the Gulf passes.

“We caught a few last month, but I knew it would get better,” he said. “It’s better now, the last few days proved it.”

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Beabout’s anglers landed 22 bull reds along with eight or nine big black drum over the weekend.

“We release them all after a few quick pictures,” he said. “This is something you have to try at least once. The sheer power of these reds is just amazing, and some of the bigger ones could easily be 20 to 30 years old.”

One of his groups experienced the big bulls for the first time last year, and were trying set a new personal best.

“They did with a 44- and a 46-inch bull,” Beabout said.

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

The second group has fished the jetties with Beabout for 9 years, and this time brought the kids along.

“It wasn’t a bad first saltwater experience when the first fish was 48 inches,” Beabout said.

Beabout has several days open in November for those interested in battling the bulls.




Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout


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