Big Trout, Shows Are Over, and the LSONF Hunts Continue

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It’s February and much of the hunting in Texas is over but deer hunters on MLD properties and quail hunters are still out picking up a few last memories. And if that does not interest you, there are always the hogs. The big bass pursuers are watching water temperatures on reservoirs and waiting for that magic time when the big spawners come in. Coastal fishermen love February, as long as the wind isn’t howling. It’s not a month to stay inside.

—Craig Nyhus, LSON Executive Editor 



After the Dallas Safari Club convention, Lone Star Outdoor News’ David J. Sams headed to Las Vegas for the S.H.O.T. Show, executive editor and Dallas Safari Club president Craig Nyhus went to the Houston Safari Club show and then on to Vegas for the Safari Club International Convention. The word from the industry? A positive attitude has moved in!  And several reports based on conversations with industry bigwigs said the marketing dollar are moving back toward more “traditional” media, yes, like print!  Call our Lone Star Outdoor News’ sales people for print and digital packages at 214-361-2276 or email and we will direct you to the right person.



The word from East Texas is the crappie are in the creeks, although driving over highways, especially over Lake Fork, they must be under the bridges as well. The white bass are moving on the Neches River, but the big move is soon to come. Watch the parking lots by the favorite fishing spots — when they’re full, you’ll know why.



A hunt with LSONF is going on as this newsletter goes out, and hopefully Kelsy Beauchman will find her first buck. High winds, the super moon and reduced deer movement are influencing the hunt, but we know they’ll keep trying! A few more are coming up this week, so watch future issues of Lone Star Outdoor News for the results.



Several reports of good-sized speckled trout are in from up and down the Texas coast, just in time for this weekend’s Texas Troutmaster Tournament in Corpus Christi. The artificial-lure only event should tell the story on how the top anglers are finding the big girls. Watch for tournament results in the Feb. 9 issue of Lone Star Outdoor News.





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