Changing the game on laser rangefinders

The mule deer is on the other side of the canyon, it’s cold and your hands are half numb and shaking.

How much closer do you need to get?

With Nikon’s new MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED, you’ll get the answer you need.

The laser rangefinder game has changed with the new, small and lightweight unit.

It will range to an incredible 3,000 yards and includes Nikon’s award-winning stabilization technology and a crisp new red OLED display.

Even with your cold and quivering hands, you’ll be surprised at the quick and accurate reading.

The optical stabilization system in the MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED reduces viewfinder vibrations by approximately 80 percent, while simultaneously aligning the viewed image with the laser. This function begins immediately when the unit is powered-up and assures faster, more successful “first-shot” measurements.

And fast it is, with Nikon’s HYPER READ technology. Measurements are displayed in 0.3 seconds, regardless of distance, and by holding down the power button, you can continuously measure across multiple targets for up to 8 seconds.

The MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED has a maximum measurement distance of 3,000 yards on reflective targets. Pointed at a deer or a tree, the readings are accurate beyond 1,000 yards (testing showed 1,000-yard accuracy when focused on a deer and 1,100 yards on a tree). Distances are displayed .1-yard increments.

The all-new variable intensity, crisp red OLED reticle display provides either automatic or five selectable brightness levels for maximum contrast against most targets and backgrounds. The rangefinder’s 6x monocular features bright, fully multicoated optics, user-friendly 18mm eye relief and a wide 7.5° field of view for fast target acquisition.

 The MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED integrates Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology to take the angle out of your shooting equation — up to +/- 89 degrees. It also offers the ability to switch between First Target Priority Mode (reading of the closest target) or Distant Target Priority Mode (provides range to the furthest target through clutter, branches etc.)

 Compact and lightweight (3.8”x2.9”x1.7” and 6.3 ounces), the unit is waterproof in structure and backed by Nikon’s 5-Year Warranty, all for a suggested retail price of $419.95.