Now that’s a nontypical — Buck with tree swing photographed in Comal County

abuckswingChad Heise received a surprise when he checked his trail cameras in Ocotober.

A young buck sporting antlers that would garner serious attention in several years had an attachment of sorts — what appeared to be a tree swing, complete with ropes and all attached to its head.

“I have no idea where this buck came from,” Heise said. “He just showed up. I actually got a few more pictures of the buck and the rope has now, unfortunately, wrapped around his neck. It doesn’t seem to be choking him, yet.”

Heise said he sent an email to neighboring landowners to see if anyone is missing a tree swing, but nobody claimed to have had one.

“I have no idea where the swing came from,” he said.

Heise said the deer has great potential, but he will harvest the young buck if he sees him, before the animal suffers.

“I do have plans (to take him),” he said. “He’s such a nice young buck, but I imagine I will take him if I see him, before he wraps the rope around a tree or fence and dies a miserable death.”