Operation Game Thief gets a new ride


The big Wall of Shame trailer home-based in Austin has acquired a new addition.

The Operation Game Thief  board in October 2013 approved the purchase of a new OGT truck to pull the 40-foot trailer around the state to more than 15 events a year.

In addition to the new truck, a new Program Specialist III for OGT was hired by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to travel with the trailer to these events. The Retired Lt. Colonel of Inland Enforcement has been handling the new truck and trailer like an expert and his knowledge and experience will serve OGT and Texas well.

The new OGT truck was wrapped to mimic the trailer, so when you see it going down the road, you will know it is your OGT program at work.


Austin Area Clay Stoppers Shootout, May 30, 2014, TDS, Exotic Game Ranch, Creedmoor, Texas 

Houston Area Clay Stoppers Shootout, August 22, 2014, Westside Shooting Complex, Katy, Texas 

Alamo Area Clay Stoppers Shootout, October 10, 2014 

National Shooting Complex, San Antonio, Texas 

Event and registration flyer information for Austin is listed on our website. Houston and San Antonio shoots will be listed on our Web site in the coming weeks, please watch for us. We’ll see you there! 

For complete event information and pre-registration online, go to ogttx.com, or call (512) 389-4381.

OGT is a 501 (c) 3 Organization 

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