South Texas rut report

Lots of bucks are moving right now in Dimmit County, according to David J. Sams, who is with a group of hunters this morning.

David, along with Waylan Owens and his 16-year-old son, Austin, have been rattling this morning with temperatures in the high 30s, cloudy with no wind.

“We have been rattling and grunting and had five young bucks within 200 yards,” David said. “They are all chasing the same doe. I have seen these same five bucks chasing does for the last 4 days. The largest buck, a 4-year-old 10, had black goo running all the way down to his feet on his back legs.”

As the group was roaming around the ranch looking for bucks cruising for does at midmorning, fellow hunter Nick Kohleffel called the group and said he had seen a good 8-pointer walking down a fence line after a hot doe.

“I saw the buck cruising at about 500 yards,” Nick said. “I eased off into the brush and went to get Austin.”

When the group returned to the area, they again found the buck walking the same fence.

“He started off about 500 yards away, but he just kept coming toward us — we didn’t rattle or anything,” Austin said.

After making a 77-yard shot to drop the buck, the hunters took a few pictures and headed back the skinning shed.

“We are going to turn him into sausage and make steaks out of the backstraps,” Austin said. “And he will look good on the wall.”

David said the bucks were moving later in the mornings, and some solid mature deer have been spotted the past few days.

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