It’s Spring Ranch Stocking Time at

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This means it’s time to stock your ranch with whitetail deer for 2017 from Give yourself an early 2017 deer season present — a Trophy Whitetail Buck.

If you are a Texas ranch owner who enjoys the great outdoors and deer hunting, a new set of rules will change the future of deer hunting and ranch stocking forever in Texas. Due to the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas, new testing standards may affect your ranch.

In the past, Texas ranch owners could pick up the phone and order deer for ranch-stocking purposes. Now, they must study and understand a new set of rules. Texas ranches will be labeled as TC1, TC2 or TC3, and your ranch’s label is determined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department testing category of the seller of the deer. It is designed as a first-time pass through. This is a new CWD Harvest Deer Testing Category.

The new rules apply only to high fence ranches, as low fence releases will not be allowed.

So what is TC1, TC2 and TC3? This label will tell you how many harvested deer you’ll have to test for CWD, at your expense (up to $200 per head).

Here is the good news:

TC1 (Test Category 1) does not have to test any deer for any reason —period!

Here is the bad news:

TC2: must by law test 50% of all harvested deer, male or female.

TC3: must by law test 100% of all deer harvested.

Where do you buy your deer? 

Out of approximately 1,350 Deer Breeders in Texas, less than 65 are TC1 Status and enrolled in a program controlled by the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), and testing their deer for at least 6 years for CWD. is a Texas Parks and Wildlife – TC1 Status facility and has earned the highest certification from the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) – 6th year certified facility.

We supply 100% No CWD Test trophy whitetail deer to the ranch and hunt industry in Texas,” said Jay Reichert, operator for the past 9 years. “We have trophy bucks, stocker bucks, bred does and fawns that are bred from Texas typical bloodlines and available for delivery today to anywhere in Texas.”

Located near Marble Falls in the Texas Hill Country, has Trophy Whitetail deer for every rancher’s desires.

“We are your one-stop shop,” Reichert said. “We produce huge typical Texas whitetails (ages 3 or 4), ranging from 165 to 250 inches on average.”

To schedule a ranch tour, discuss your ranch’s whitetail program, or obtain everything from bred does to trophy bucks, contact Jay at (505) 681-5210 or