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Every year, the end of deer season can bring about a lot of mixed emotions. Satisfaction, triumph and contentment that your goal was accomplished during the season. Frustration that the Muy Grande escaped you once again. Sadness that another season has come and gone and the pure enjoyment of sitting around a campfire with friends and family is now on hold; or stress — the stress of “How in the heck am I going to find the time and the manpower to move all of this stuff off of this lease to the new one?”

Welcome to Deer Lease Moving, where we aim to take the STRESS out of hunting. It has been said that a hunter moves ranches on average every four years. There are many reasons why a person would change a deer lease, but no matter the reason the work that needs to be done is still the same. It takes hours/days to accomplish, it takes a lot of hard work and it can be dangerous. Sometimes, if the move is not on your own terms, the timeline can be downright unforgiving when a landowner is moving you off quickly.

Photo by Deer Lease Moving

Deer Lease Moving is here to take all of that off your plate. We can go to your old lease, take down all of your equipment, load it, haul it and even set it back up on your new place. Like many hunters, you might be in between leases. No worries, we can store all of your equipment for you as well until you are ready to have it set up. If you are like some hunters, you might have equipment that you no longer want which is where our buy/sell and consignment options come in handy. We can take unwanted equipment off your hands and get you something in return for it.

We can also administer or coordinate helicopter game counts for you. There is no better way to know what kind of a ranch you are about to lease than to see it from the air! Even on your current lease, we can game count as well.

Our goal is to provide the type of service that eliminates the stress in leasing out hunting property. It’s a seamless process for you, putting all the burden on us, which is the way we like it. Let us do the heavy lifting and worry about how and when to get it done. All that is left for you to do is sit back and reminisce about the campfires, friends and big deer, knowing that next year will get here sooner than later. And this time, a lot easier.

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  1. Jan behney

    This is great information. I just moved from Pennsylvania where there is lots of public and private landed available to hunt deer, bear and small game. I knew when I moved to Texas that things would be different and am trying to learn everything I need to know as fast as I can because I love to hunt deer with a bow and a rifle. My questions for anyone are, is there public land to hunt on, where can I go to find out about leases, are you better off buying a few acres versus leasing and how expensive are leases? Thanks anyone!