Weekend Update

By Darlene McCormick Sanchez

Lone Star Outdoor News

The week leading up to the new year proved great for hunting and fishing. LSON’s Craig Nyhus went dove hunting with David J. Sams and family in Clyde. Dakota, the newsroom dog, delivered despite the grass burrs vexing his feet.

Fishing at Baffin Bay for trout proved fruitful. Guide Javi Castillo and his friend, Gil Esquivel, and Nyhus each landed three trout on the first wade, but then the bite shut down. The big trout proved elusive. At Port Mansfield, the New Year’s Eve fishing with guide Joe Prado and the guys from G5 Taxidermy in Edinburg was a blast. The anglers limited on trout and caught a good number of redfish. No big fish, but not a bad way to wrap up 2016.